26_ClubMeetingsWe are always glad to see visitors at Cogito Toastmasters Dublin. Here are the questions we are most often asked about Cogito and Toastmasters:

What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters is an international organization that supports thousands of local clubs and their members. Our purpose is to provide a supportive environment where individuals can learn the skills to become more competent communicators and develop their leadership skills.
Participants practice and learn skills by filling a meeting role, giving a prepared manual speech or an impromptu Table Topics speech.

How will Cogito Toastmasters help me improve my speaking skills?

Through practice. A Toastmasters club is a “learning by doing” workshop in which people hone their skills in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

Each meeting is designed so that as many people as possible get the opportunity to speak during each meeting. Those who aren’t giving speeches will have a meeting role designed to facilitate the honing of skills practiced by their fellow members.

The value of Toastmasters is that you get to practice in front of a group that won’t criticize you and the more you put in, the more you get out.

Who is Cogito Toastmasters for?

Everyone! Members of Cogito Toastmasters are incredibly diverse, spanning a variety of age ranges, cultural backgrounds, career paths, etc. The vibe is open, inclusive, and friendly, which makes practicing one’s public speaking skills a less terrifying prospect. We want to help you to improve and succeed.
Contact us today if you would like to attend as a guest and want more details, email us at cogitotm@gmail.com or come along to one of our meetings.

How often do I have to speak?

We usually only have 3 speeches per meeting.  The frequency with which you speak depends in part on the size of the club and how often you would like to speak.  You can move through the program at your own pace.  Delivering speeches is only part of the learning experience at Toastmasters.  With the other meeting roles, you will most likely have an opportunity to speak at most meetings.

Is Toastmasters time consuming?

The amount of time you give to Toastmasters depends on you and your needs, and how rapidly you want to progress.
Toastmasters is not a seminar, there are no instructors, and no-one takes attendance. You attend when your schedule permits and you deliver speeches when you’re ready. Some members like to give a speech every few weeks, others every few months. Although preparing set speeches takes some time, you can use topics associated with your work and home-life so content preparation can be minimal. Also, preparation for other roles such as evaluator or timer require minimal or no preparation.

Can I become a member even if I am not a good speaker?

Yes.  Many of our members start out feeling very uncomfortable in front of an audience. In a supportive environment supplemented by friendly coaching and through the observation of excellent role models, most people quickly grow into competent and persuasive speakers.

How much does being a member cost?

Membership in Cogito Toastmasters costs €60 for six months. There is also a new member fee of €25, this is a once-off fee that covers the cost of your Communication and Leadership manuals.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • The opportunity to practice and improve your speaking at every meeting
  • Hear entertaining  and educational speeches by your fellow club members
  • Receive supportive and encouraging feedback on your speeches
  • Practice impromptu speaking
  • Learn how to evaluate speeches and how to deliver feedback in a positive encouraging manner
  • Learn how to tell stories, sell your ideas, give a keynote presentation, faciliate a meeting, tell a tall tale or give a humorous speech.
  • Attend Toastmasters club meetings all over the world
  • Compete in speech contests
  • Develop communication skills in a friendly, safe, and supportive environment
  • Experience personal growth while having fun.